Error when opening explorer: “Server execution failed error.”

Recently I had a problem with explorer on Windows 7 – when coworker tried to open explorer when not on local network, “Server execution failed” error happened. I was suspecting that the problem might be connected to mapped disks which were not accessible, when not on local network, but wasn’t sure how this could lead to such an obscure error. After some heavy duty browsing I found a solution: the problem was in “Launch folder windows in a separate process” setting. This setting can be found somewhere in Folder Options window and it should be unchecked on Windows 7. By default this setting is not checked, because it can eat more RAM and can slow down your computer. But it also says that it could increase Windows stability (when error in one process occurs other processes are not affected). But obviously there is a bug in Windows 7, because everything stops working when not in domain. 🙂 In Windows 8.1 I didn’t detect this problem. Well, problem solved – yipikaye motherf****r. 🙂

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